The instincts are right but the fundamentals are dead wrong

Jake Angeli and Johnny Rotten

Of all the travesties that January 6th wrought, one of the most tragic is how the events of the day created a bad name for the healthy instincts of defiance and rebellion.

At the emotional core of the Trump rebellion is the desire to seek change for a system his…

Healthy Advice for Millennials and Gen Z

60 is not the new 40; 60 is actually the year when the booby traps you’ve been unwittingly setting for yourself since you were young suddenly explode, sending your body spinning end-over-end into a litany of aches and pains too boring to talk about with anyone other than yourself.



Industrial recycling efforts are drying up. Stay green by being smart.

Every Tuesday evening, when I wheel to the curb our two snazzy blue recycling bins filled with plastic, paper, cardboard, glass, and metal waste, I used to get filled with a sense of pride over my small contribution to the planet’s health.

Not anymore. Not since reading this article on…

Imagine you were selected to take a trip from New York City to Hong Kong. You spend 16 hours flying to Hong Kong, then, after landing, an additional 30 minutes stuck inside the sweltering plane. When you finally get off, you spend all of 11 minutes wandering around the gate…

Alex Hendler

Who, what, when, where, why, how.

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