The instincts are right but the fundamentals are dead wrong

Jake Angeli and Johnny Rotten
Jake Angeli and Johnny Rotten
Jake Angeli and Johnny Rotten. Photo credits below.

Of all the travesties that January 6th wrought, one of the most tragic is how the events of the day created a bad name for the healthy instincts of defiance and rebellion.

At the emotional core of the Trump rebellion is the desire to seek change for a system his followers perceive as unjust. This “Question Authority” ethos has aroused passions throughout the history of humanity. …

Echo & The Bunnymen 2006 — Photo by Steve Ioya. Creative Commons 2.0

It all started with Echo & The Bunnymen.

I was lying peacefully in bed, breathing shallowly and listening to the song “People Are Strange” on my favorite New York radio station, WFUV, after suffering a particularly bad viral episode in which a horrendous stomach cramp led to a 15-minute session of hyperventilating and writhing on the bed, feeling not so much pain as discomfort, a clenching feeling around my chest, as if something had taken hold of my body and would not let go.

Healthy Advice for Millennials and Gen Z

60 is not the new 40; 60 is actually the year when the booby traps you’ve been unwittingly setting for yourself since you were young suddenly explode, sending your body spinning end-over-end into a litany of aches and pains too boring to talk about with anyone other than yourself.

Credit: Paramount Pictures

I had been led to believe that an active life and a healthy diet would lead to sunny retirement years free of pain and agony, so imagine my surprise when right around my 60th birthday I woke up to my new persona of the Kvetching Old Man. …

Photo by Jonathan Chng on Unsplash


Industrial recycling efforts are drying up. Stay green by being smart.

Every Tuesday evening, when I wheel to the curb our two snazzy blue recycling bins filled with plastic, paper, cardboard, glass, and metal waste, I used to get filled with a sense of pride over my small contribution to the planet’s health.

Not anymore. Not since reading this article on the Atlantic website.

In an under reported story, China, which had been recycling 60 percent of US and 70 percent of Europe’s recyclable waste, banned the import of several solid waste products in early 2018, including cardboard, paper, and plastic, in an effort to protect their own environment and workers…

Donald Trump at CPAC February 24, 2017. Photo by Michael Vadon
Donald Trump at CPAC February 24, 2017. Photo by Michael Vadon
Photo: Michael Vadon CC BY-SA 2.0



“Is Donald Trump a good guy or a bad guy?”

“He’s a bad guy.”


“Well, lots of reasons.”

“Like what?

“Well, he owns lots of buildings. And he charges people lots of money to stay in those buildings. But he doesn’t want to pay people very much money to work in those buildings.”

“Why not?”

“He’s very greedy. He wants to keep all the money for himself, and not give any to anyone else. He doesn’t like to share.”

“That’s not very nice.”

“I agree.”

“Why else is he a bad guy?”

“He wants to send people…

PowerBook 140 Photo by Danamania — Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0

Dear Mac,

This is really difficult for me…but after 27 years of marriage, it’s time for us to part.

I remember the first time I set eyes on you. I had been dating a Hyundai PC (yes, that Hyundai) with MS-DOS, when at a ClubMed in Mexico I befriended a woman who worked at Apple. She told me she would match me up with you, using her employee discount to bring your price down to a very reasonable $2,000.

You were grey and clunky, slow (16 MHz processor), with a very short memory (4 MB RAM) and a limited ability…

Designed by Hugo Campos for from a Library of Congress public domain image

The movie, Yesterday, imagines a world without the Beatles. But the coming of the Beatles was foreshadowed by a “band” that existed 25,000 years ago, who honed their musical skills inside a cave just as the Beatles did nearly sixty years ago inside the Cavern Club, a brick-lined cellar underneath Mathew Street in Liverpool that was used as an air raid shelter in World War II.

Buzz Aldrin looking at Tranquility Base, July 20, 1969. Credit: NASA

Imagine you were selected to take a trip from New York City to Hong Kong. You spend 16 hours flying to Hong Kong, then, after landing, an additional 30 minutes stuck inside the sweltering plane. When you finally get off, you spend all of 11 minutes wandering around the gate area (and planting a flag) before re-boarding. You catch an hourlong nap while your plane sits on the runway, then you fly another 16 hours back to New York. Oh, and the cost of the entire trip is $25.4 billion. In 1973 dollars.

This is essentially what that astronauts of…

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